Spotify Plugging Promotion

Spotify Plugging promotion

Coming soon… We have been working on a services to spotify plugging promotion your tracks to various spotify playlists. We are currently in beta but will be rolling this out very soon.

What the Service is.

We are offering our personalized Spotify playlist plugging service. Our service has a good ROI (Return of Investment) from the streams you will generate from the playlists you are added too. These are all organic placements from playlists that we work with regularly.

We work with regular playlist people to make sure you get the streams your track deserves. We don’t guarantee 100k to a million streams but we do push until you track(s) get a certain level of playlists adds with a certain level of playlist followers.

What we do ask for and why we ask for exclusivity.

What we do ask when you sign up for this service is that you do not personally send to playlist and leave us to do our job exclusively so we can track where the playlist adds occur and that all is being generated from our service so their is no confusion. Furthermore do not hire other companies whilst our campaign is active as again confusion can happen.

What is our Spotify service and what is the best way to describe it?
The best way to describe it, you know about radio plugging? well replace radio with Spotify and that is what we do. Plug to Spotify playlists.

Just like radio plugging, securing Spotify Playlists depends on many variables such as previous artist PR/airplay/hype previously, the incentives of the playlist compiler, what they can get back in way of promotion from your track being added to there precious playlist.

Can we plug any of your song or genre?
In short, yes & no. We always listen to the track before we agree to plug this to our spotify playlist compilers. We do say no to track if the criteria above in the previous answer are weak and the song is weak. Saying this we have plugged a track with none of the criteria of above but the track was extremely good, so people got on the track.

Most playlists only contain between 50 – 100 spots/songs so the playlist world is fierce. All organic placements pitched to playlist compilers so no fake plays from our side.

Spotify playlist:
We pitch your song to the genre division and sometimes the territory based on your music. Spotify tends to works with a time frame of 10/12 weeks after the initial pitch. If the song didn’t pop up on any of their playlist than Spotify passed on it. There is nothing further we can do regarding this

Other Playlists:
We work with many other playlist to be able to place your music so if you didn’t make the Spotify playlists then you will make other.

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